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Being a part of Cannabash 2019 is more than just being true to cultivating long-term organic relationships. Come and celebrate the Cannabis plant less than a mile from the NJ Statehouse, the birthplace of cannabis legalization, amongst NJ medical marijuana patients, educators, activist, advocates and influencers, all in the Capital City of Trenton.



Starter Package - $375

  1. Booth at event

  2. Link to company on website

  3. We will introduce your company on stage 



Indica Package: $2500

  1. Five, 5-minute sessions on stage to introduce your company

  2. Logo on t-shirts and merch
    *Includes Previous Packages



Sativa Package: $1000

  1. Food vouchers for 3

  2. Sleeve of raffle tickets

  3. Three, 5-minutes on stage to introduce your company

  4. Logo on website and pamphlets

  5. Email & Social Media Exposure

  6. Logo in video promotion
    *Includes Starter Packages



Top Shelf Only: $5,000

  1. Co-Branded event -
    ”Cannabash, brought to you by…”

  2.  Exclusive Customization
    *Includes Previous Packages


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